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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Appleseed Alpha

Appleseed Alpha

Deunan-Human Female, wants to find Olympus and start a better life for herself
Bri-Special war cyborg, wants to protect Deunan and repay his debt to Two Horns
Iris-Bioroid female, mission to destroy secret weapon and create a better world
Olson-Cyborg travelling with Iris to destroy the secret weapon, wants to protect Iris and is working against Triton
Two Horns-Cyborg who controls the remains of New York City, wants to make as much money as possible
Talos-Cyborg who wants to control the super weapon in order to gain more power and control the world
Train stopped, two characters getting shot at by cyborgs, carrying vaccine, been set up, ambush
Train crash
Cyborg dude running out of power, has some kind of debt with boss
Got new mission
Getting recharge from mechanic
Going to start mission, car with three cyborgs and girl, rescue girl and cyborg from drones
Olson fixed Bri by removing a faulty disc from his control core
being tracked by some cyborgs, the Triton group
two horns is dead, meanwhile main characters are out of gas and are refilling
Talos is after Iris, from Olympus
Two Horns isn’t actually dead, going after Bri and Deunan
Tank incoming! Two Horns is here! Big fight scene
Iris blows the tank up with a grenade
Iris and Olson arrested, Bri and Deunan shot by rockets
Olson has been shot and killed, Talos looking for a weapon
They find Olson dead with a memory card, find out his mission
Deunan is having a breakdown
Talos and Iris at the bunker, some kind of super weapon

Bri and Deunan have arrived at the bunker, now two horns is here
Deunan has got some power armour
Bri is in trouble, being attacked by Nyx
the super weapon has a mind of it’s own, Talos can’t control it, it’s a giant spider machine
Spider tank on the rampage
Deunan has shot Talos, and rescued Iris
the spider tank is targeting New York
Iris is going to sacrifice herself to destroy the robot
Bri shot the generator and destroyed it
Deunan has got her power armour back
Deunan and Bri drive off, looking for Olympus
Given a job by a local despot who calls himself Two-Horns, Deunan Knute and Briareos are making a delivery run for Two-Horns. Minding a case of vaccine(s), the duo travel through the old MTA subway system to avoid trouble, but were ambushed by cyborgs; the two defeated their enemies and made it to ruins of Times Square. Worried that Two-Horns might get the wrong idea that they ran for it, Briareos and Deunan returns to see Two-Horns and explained they had complications and the mission was a failure. Despite the failed mission, as far as the two are concerned, all their debts to Two-Horns are repaid and they want out of their operations. However, Two-Horns values them and refuses to let them off that easily. It was Two-Horns that secretly sabotaged his own assignment, hoping to use it as a means to extend the duo's service to him.
Despite Two-Horns' displeasure at the situation, things change when Briareos experiences internal system problems. Deunan reluctantly agrees to help Two-Horns for one last job to help get Briareos patched up. Assigned to the outskirts of the city to clear up some old war drones, the duo were attempting to clear the drones when they encountered a transport driving straight into the target zone with the drones. The duo jump in and saved a cyborg soldier and bioroid girl, Iris and Olson.
Grateful for being saved, Olson (a cyborg soldier), helps troubleshoot Briareos' malfunctioning systems and Briareos helps them get their Humvee working again. Both groups distrusted each other, but because there is no cause for alarm, the two groups traveled together while figuring out their next move. Shortly afterwards, a powerful cyborg named Talos, leader of the Triton faction (a group of highly skilled and advanced cyborgs), arrived in pursuit of Olson and Iris. Talos has grand ambitions to remake the ruined world in his image; he needs Iris to help him complete his quest. He arrives on the scene to investigate his targets of interests, but only to find the remains of combat. When the four realize Triton is after them, they decided it best to stick together until their situation is resolved. Olson knows of Talos' reasons for hunting them, but couldn't tell Deunan nor Briareos due to his classified mission.
Talos was an agent of Olympus until he developed a messiah complex and defected; he planned to rebuild the world in his image. He previously had Two-Horns work for him, but after discovering Deunan and Briareos had Olson and Iris, he suspects Two-Horns of betrayal. Talos confronts Two-Horns about his men, but Two-Horns claims innocence. Although Talos believes him, he feels their partnership is at an end and had his second, Nyx, finish off the gang by destroying their building. Although Two-Horns' base is destroyed, he and his gang survived and decided to take their fury upon Deunan and Briareos. Two-Horns and his men discovered and attacked the duo with a battle tank, but Olson and Iris help stopped them; it is then that Talos arrives and arrested Iris and Olson under his custody and flies off.
Talos was looking for Iris and Olson due to their classified mission from Olympus: to destroy an abandoned super war machine. He forcefully downloads the data from Olson and throws him out of the plane, killing him, but not before Olson leaves a clue for Deunan and Briareos to find. Briareos locks onto Olson's radio frequency and finds Olson's body; he had downloaded a chip that explains their mission and the duo now searches for Iris. Talos eventually finds the abandoned secret underground hangar that holds a giant arachnid-themed mobile battle fortress, the very source of power he wanted to help remake the world. However, Deunan and Briareos intervened.

Two-Horns had survived his last fight and decided his real target is Talos; he sided with Deunan and Briareos. Two-Horns helps them take on Talos' cyborgs by providing weapons and a Landmate for Deunan to fight in. Talos uses Iris to activate the sleeping giant, but the machine detected a hull breach (Deunan fought her way through the behemoth's defense system at the cost of her Landmate) and goes on the offensive and targets the remains of New York City. Briareos tries to assist Deunan, but is confronted by Nyx; he kills her in melee combat. Deunan made it inside the mobile fortress and battles Talos. Deunan shot Talos down, but he gets up again and grabs Deunan, with the help of Iris, Talos is crushed to death by a blast door. Deunan and Briareos, manage to destroy the giant, but at the price of Iris sacrificing her life. After the long battle, Two-Horns accepts the duo's departure and offers Deunan the repaired Landmate as a parting gift. The two ride off to find Olympus.

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