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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Game Sketch-The Son of the Sea

The Son of the Sea-Backstory

In the time of Emperor Alexius Kole, the lands of Norcrest (Chaotic evil) and Silverspell (Lawful good) are at war with each other, and in the middle of these two warring nations in the land of Roseiron, the centre of the neutral territory. Up until now the land of Roseiron had been left out of the war, as per the agreement struck by the leaders of the lands and the Emperor years ago, as the land of the Roseiron holds the world’s most important landmark, the Tree of Kaedrith. The Tree of Kaedrith regulates all life in the world, and is the reason for all life in the lands. In order to keep this agreement fair, the Land of Norcrest was given the Salve of Earth, a sacred medicine that could be used to revive the tree if it was ever damaged or destroyed, a mysterious blessing from the God of the Earth. The Land of Silverspell was given the Spirits Sceptre, the only object in the world that could destroy the Tree of Kaedrith. With this, there was balance and harmony between the Lands for centuries, until one day the Land of Norcrest declared war on Silverspell out of the blue, and began laying waste to their lands, however due to the Tree of Kaedrith’s power the forces of Chaos could not do much damage. One day though, that all changed as the Spirits Sceptre was stolen from Silverspell, and was brought to the land of Roseiron to destroy the Tree of Kaedrith. With the tree destroyed and the only way to save it in the hands of the Chaos forces, they became unstoppable, and it was all the land of Silverspell could do to not be decimated. This is where your story begins. You awaken on your eighteenth birthday to your village of Aellyn, the centre of the Roseiron and the protectors of the Tree of Kaedrith, being burnt to the ground by a dark wizard, a soldier of the Chaos forces wielding the Spirits Sceptre and burning his way through the village towards the Tree of Kaedrith. Without thinking you grab a weapon from the ground and charge the man. He turns towards you and laughs, then sends a bolt of fire straight towards you. Suddenly, a blue glow envelopes you and absorbs the brunt of the impact, but still sends you flying backwards into a pile of rubble, knocking you unconscious. The last thing you hear is the demonic laughing of the wizard, who screams “I am Fevero, Destroyer of the Tree of Kaedrith”.

The game is be a 3D fantasy adventure RPG where you control your hero on an epic quest to save the world from the forces of chaos and save the Tree of Kaedrith. The choices you make along the way will affect the way people react to you and peoples attitudes to you will change. The game will allow you to play the way you want to, as the experience you gain from defeating your enemies can be used to level your character however you wish, ranging from an brave knight to a fiery sorcerer. You will meet a lot of people, some good, some bad, but you must trust in your instincts and you must prevail, else see the world you live in fall to ruin.

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