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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Unit 73: Sound for Computer Games (Psychology of Sound)

Psychology of Sound

1. Until Dawn
When you are playing the game and are being chased by an enemy in the game, the speed of the music increases as you are being chased. This is done to signify the fact that you need to move fast and adds to the tension to the game. Coupled with the ticking sound effect when you have to make a fast, important decisions, the game can very tense very quickly, especially in the dangerous situations where you have to react quickly to the scenario that you are in. Furthermore, when you discover an object in the game relating to the story or background behind the game, the game uses a sound effect to show that you have found a clue within the game in order let the plyaer know that they have done something right, and are advancing the game.

2. Super Mario
When you collect a coin, the game makes a sound effect which is like a coin drop that has become iconic within video game sound effects. The sound effect is there in order to signify that you have collected a coin and are therefore gaining points within the game. Furthermore, when you jump on top of  an enemy it creates a sound that signifies that the enemy has died.

3. The Last of Us
In The Last of Us the game signifies that there are enemies present as you can hear the sounds that they make. For example, the clickers make clicking sounds surprisingly, and that lets you know that the enemies are around. Furthermore, when the enemy has noticed you, they begin to make a lot more noise, which helps to create an atmosphere of fear and panic. Also, the frequency of the sounds goes up, telling the player that it is time that they started running away fast else they are going to get caught and killed by the enemy. Finally, when all the enemies have been eliminated, the main characters in the game will either have a conversation, or say something that will signify that all the enemies have been defeated, which is done so the player can begin to relax and explore the area in safety without worrying about the threat of dying.

Surround vs 3D Audio

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