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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

10 Questions Answers

10 Questions

So what did you think of the assignments?

I felt that they were challenging and interesting in terms of the variety and helping to create different genres of games

How would you rate the assignments in terms of difficulty?  Look at them both, and just tell me which ones were easy, which ones were harder.  Or were they both easy or both hard? if so, can you give me an example of a subject you’ve learnt? 

I felt that the space invaders game was much easier than the other two games as you had a basis of which to work with.

For 3 in one gaming you did 2 games .. (so answer two out of the following three questions)

In the Space invader game, name one thing you learned during its development.
Creating enemy movement and the ability to have a delay when shooting at enemies.
In the maze game name one thing you learned during this assignment.
How to create different ways of showing questions and inventive ways of having the player find the correct answer.In the card game name one thing you learned during this assignment.

Right, here’s a slightly off the wall one:  did you learn any maths during this experience?  These assignments?

I learnt how to apply maths to code, but I didn't learn any new maths particularly.
Do you think you gained any maths when you did any puzzles for the maze game? 

The level of maths for the puzzles required for the maze was at a lower level than I achieved at GCSE so I didn't learn much maths from these puzzles.

How do you rate your maths?  Give us a scale, are you good?  
What GCSE grade have you got etc?

I have an A in Mathematics and an A in Statistics.

How hard did you find the maths during these assignments?

I didn't find it particularly difficult

Do you think your opinion’s towards maths has changed?

I have never really had any issues with Maths so my opinion hasn't changed much at all.

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